June 2024 Artist Spotlight: Lisa Claisse and Felecia Montfort

This month we have the honor of spotlighting two fantastic artists: Lisa Claisse and Felecia Montfort.

Lisa Claisse's paintings can be found on display right when you walk in, in the art galleria display. Lisa is an artist whose work is inspired by nature and she works to capture "fleeting moments of nature at it's finest so they can be enjoyed for generations." She currently lives on Long Island, but grew up traveling the United States, taking those memories and turning them into beautiful art. (www.celestial.graphics)

Lisa Claisse June2024 art gallery


Felecia Montfort has "spent her life making magical art." As both a painter and a ceramics artist, she aims to capture both the practical and surreal. Some of her captivating ceramics can be found in our display cases this month, and the pieces she has chosen to share with us reflect her artistic journey in the world of both fantasy and surrealism. (www.allthingscreative.gallery)

Felecia Montfort June 2024 art gallery

We hope you will take the time to check out the incredible work of these two artists, and would love to know what you think! 

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