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The Central Islip Public Library’s Collection Development Policy is to be guided by the principles set forth within the American Library Association’s Library Bill of Rights and this Library’s mission statement. The Library’s objective is to provide and maintain a collection of professionally selected materials that promote the informational, educational, cultural, and recreational needs of the residents of Central Islip. The word “materials” is to possess the widest possible meaning and is to include but not be limited to books, non-print material, electronic and all other Library resources. As such, the Library seeks to provide resources which present, insofar as possible, all viewpoints on current and historical topics. The selection of resources is based on knowledge of the community, the existing collection and its use and the Library’s Mission Statement. Over time, the formats within which materials are presented may be added and others removed in order to most effectively respond to community needs and market considerations.

Responsibility and Criteria for Selection

The responsibility for the selection of resources rests with the Director who operates within the framework of policies adopted by the Board of Trustees. This responsibility may be delegated to staff members who are qualified through education, training and experience. Resource

selections are to be made from available sources, standard lists and recommendations from patrons and staff. Self-published works and resources receiving unfavorable reviews may be selected if they are of particular local interest or if they fill a special need. A resource is evaluated on the basis of the content and style of the work as a whole, not by selected portions or passages.

Selection considerations will be based upon: Professional reviews, current demand, writing or artistic style and reading level, availability and accessibility of the same materials from another library, importance of the subject to the collection, relevance to community needs, availability of material on the subject, suitability of format and/or technical characteristics, such as physical quality and durability. Decisions are based on need, demand and budget.

Collection Maintenance

A current, attractive and useful collection is maintained through a continual process of Collection Maintenance, Replacement and Weeding. This maintenance consisting of review and evaluation of Library materials is necessary to maintain an up-to-date, quality collection that meets the community's needs and interests. Physically deteriorated, damaged, and obsolete materials may be replaced or removed at the professional staff’s discretion. This continued maintenance serves to enhance the accuracy, reliability and currency of the information in the collection in addition to availing space for new items. It is the responsibility of the professional staff to assess the need for replacing materials that are damaged, destroyed or lost. Items are not to be automatically replaced.

Gifts and Donations

Proposed donated materials are to be held to the same selection criteria as materials procured for the collection.

Challenged Resources

The Central Islip Public Library’s intent is to provide a collection of materials and resources which allow individuals to freely examine issues and independently determine issues. Although resources are carefully selected, differences in individual opinion regarding suitable materials may arise. It is the responsibility of individuals to limit their and/or their children’s access to resources which are not compatible with their individual viewpoints if it is their intent to do so. The Library does not approve nor endorse any particular viewpoint or belief represented in its collection. Library resources will not be marked or identified to exhibit approval or disapproval of the contents, nor will items be sequestered, except for the purpose of protecting them from theft or damage. The Library respects the right of a person to express his or her opinions regarding materials purchased by the Central Islip Public Library. The Library will review any materials in its collections upon written request by a patron. This must be accomplished in writing by requesting, completing and returning to the Library Director a “Request for Reconsideration of Library Materials” form. Upon receipt of a completed “Request for Reconsideration of Library Materials”, the Director will respond in writing outlining the Library's review procedure. A copy of the Collection Development Policy will be included with the letter. The Director will appoint a committee of librarians to evaluate the challenged resource. Committee members will then read, listen to or view the resource in its entirety, look at the

resource in relation to the Library's Collection Development Policy and to the collection as a whole and examine published reviews. The committee will recommend one of several actions such as to retain the resource, to retain the resource but to move it to another location in the collection or to withdraw the resource. The Director will study the information provided by the review committee and respond in writing to the person who initiated the “Request for Reconsideration of Library Materials”. The Director will keep the Board of Trustees informed of the receipt of a “Request for Reconsideration of Library Materials”, the committee’s recommendation and the Director’s determination. In the event that the person(s) who initiated the request is not satisfied with the decision of the Director, he/she may request a review of the findings by the Board of Trustees. Upon receipt of the written request, the Board President of the Library Board may elect to add the item to the Board’s monthly agenda. The person(s) will be notified of the time and place of the Board meeting. The final decision on collection development rests with the Board of Trustees


Adopted by the Central Islip Public Library Board of Trustees 8/22

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